About Alcie Duke

My name is Alcie Duke. Married with 3 married Adult Children. 10 grandchildren. Ages 9-18.

I have always loved walking into my house and smelling a strong candle scent. The beauty of Pink Zebra Sprinkles is that you can make a candle or you can put the Sprinkles into a Shimmering Lights warmer. Pink zebra has 50+ different scents and you can mix them to create your own unique scent.

  • I started with Pink Zebra March 2012. Promoted to Director! Working on Executive Director
  • Won all trips -Cancun, Puta Cana, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic
  • Over 1400 in our group all over US
  • I have Lead Rallies and Work Shops at Reunion
  • I have won awards at Reunions
  • Our Group is in the Top 10 in the Company
  • We help & promote our team members in our Facebook Group Page
  • Excellent back office training, GREAT Compensation Plan, Health Insurance offered
  • I enjoy good customer service! so you will get the Best from Me
  • You can go and order right off of my website or email me alciepz@gmail.com with your order.
  • LAUNCHED IN CANADA ! Groundfloor Opportunity
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All I can say at this point, is what are you waiting for? Join today on my website or call/text (405) 812-3135 email: alciepz@gmail.com
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